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The Burrell Company - The First 25 Years

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" ... Burrell remain an extraordinary phenomenon. Their enthusiasm and insight anticipated the shift in emphasis of the 1980's from periphery development to re-inhabiting what remained of the fragmented fabric of our city centres. In 25 years of continuous achievement the Burrell Company has commissioned many young designers now recognised as among the finest of Scotland's architects... Their work, both directly and by influencing and encouraging, has improved Scottish architecture immeasurably. Perhaps their most notable achievement has been to raise the expectations of buyers. By example they have greatly enhanced the overall quality of urban development... "

Professor Andy MacMillan and Professor Isi Metzstein; Glasgow.

1986 Ingram Square

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The Developer, Yarmadillo, was a joint venture established by Kantel, involving the SDA and the City Council. The Merchant City was not regarded as a residential area at the time this project was being built and sold. In fact, Ingram Square became the flagship in the regeneration of the Merchant City, providing virtually a complete urban block of housing, both new and refurbished, as well as commercial accommodation.

The design was undertaken by Elder & Cannon Architects, their first large commission, commencing a long working relationship with Burrell. Of some considerable significance in the history of regenerating cities, and architecturally a stylish part of Glasgow's drive to be taken seriously in design, this project marked the final act of the original Kantel. Messrs Burrell and Doolan split up during its construction, but jointly ensured that the venture achieved all its high aspirations.

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1996 Ramsay Garden

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This magnificent composition sits in the lee of Edinburgh Castle. A large part of the development had been taken over by a bank as a training centre. Burrell acquired the property and set about restoring it to residential use - Sir Patrick Geddes' original intention.

The buildings had been much altered, and the conversion to create flats and houses was challenging to say the least. Structural problems emerged as the buildings were opened up - with floor spans that defied most building codes - and gravity! Happily it's now quite safe - and remains one of Edinburgh's most desirable addresses.

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1999 Homes for the Future

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Glasgow City of Architecture and Design 1999 had the Homes for the Future project as its flagship. Developers were requested to select an architect from each of three lists - local, national and international - and then to submit proposals for consideration. The winners would build their schemes as part of the 1999 Expo.

Burrell won three blocks - two with McKeown Alexander Architects, and one with Ushida Findlay Architects.

The Ushida Findlay plan created a narrow building (overlooking Glasgow Green with deep, curving balconies on its rear, northward elevation).

McKeown Alexander created two schemes, one a terrace of townhouses, the other an 'object building'.

Happily the Ushida Findlay building has become an iconic image of Glasgow featuring in tourist literature and numerous press articles about the city's architectural renaissance.

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2004 Upper Strand

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A dynamic contribution to the overall masterplan of Edinburgh's waterfront at Granton. This architect/ developer competition-winning scheme for 500 apartments is a joint venture with the Places for People Group.

The project's first phase is the flagship of the Waterfront. The scheme is organised around a new public square and creates a signal tower block - a landmark within the new townscape proposals.

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2005 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh

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With the decision by Scottish and Newcastle to close its operations at Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, a massive development opportunity was presented to transform what had been industrial land to mixed uses more appropriate to the inner city.

Most significantly, the sites are bounded by the Union Canal, a vastly neglected resource. The planning authority was anxious to ensure that this featured strongly in any future development proposals and consequently, the City, with the support of S & N as landowners, commissioned a masterplan to secure a cohesive development.

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2005 Vienna Apartments

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An incredible amount of floor space 'over the shop' is vacant in central Glasgow. This proposal involves both the refurbishment of an existing building set between Mitchell Street and Union Street and a new-build block opposite the Lighthouse.

The proposals create apartments of various sizes, retaining commercial uses at ground floor and basement level.

The name 'Vienna Apartments' derives from the Secessionist impression created by the internal glazed courtyards as the building snakes through the urban block from one street to the other.

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2006 Assembly Street

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This proposal retains a small, listed warehouse for conversion whilst clearing the former industrial premises to create a site for new-build, first time buyer, homes - desperately required in Edinburgh.

Sutherland Hussey's designs propose striking, simple modern housing clustered around an intimate courtyard. These 'cheap' apartments are designed to be delightfully bright and, although small, superbly well detailed.

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Book for Sale

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Our extensive catalogue has been captured in 'The Burrell Company - The First 25 Years - Re:designing Scottish Cities'.

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Running from the 23rd August to 7th October 2007, the Burrellopolis Exhibition at the Lighthouse Gallery in Glasgow charts the first 25 Years of the Burrell Company.

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